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Rest Days
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Winning à la Walkowiak - a Post-Tour analysis


Be There Every Day An immediate analysis of this Tour de France would underline Antonin Magne’s theory that you don’t win the Tour unless you’re involved every day. Gaul, Bahamontes, Ockers and Brankart had left Reims believing that they would be competing for the yellow jersey in the mountains, but did any of them believe […]

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None The Wiser, Nothing By Half

A rest day in Aix-en-Provence and an opportunity for the cyclists to soak in some culture and put their feet up.

Chapters None The Wiser, Nothing By HalfLouison Loves LaurédiA Picot in the TourAdmire Cezanne, Roger SoundtrackTour de France, Wout Wagtmans & Wim Van Est (yes, really) None The Wiser, Nothing By Half There have been many yellow jerseys so far in this Tour de France, but as the race takes a break in Aix-en-Provence, the […]

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Enter (and exit) Pierette Walkowiak

A rest day, but Sauveur Ducazeaux has to eliminate the wife

Lose The Wife SoundtrackLa Chanson Des Vieux Amants, Jacques Brel Sauveur Ducazeaux looked upon the happy couple yesterday as they embraced in the velodrome and he will freely admit, a tear came to his eye. He had allowed his young charge to keep the yellow jersey until this moment and next came his part of […]

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